Kumu makes it easy to organize complex data into relationship maps that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

Founded on Oahu in 2011 by two brothers, Jeff and Ryan Mohr, to help people make sense of complicated relationships.

We’re a remote team with roots in Oahu and Silicon Valley. Driven by our work with the Omidyar family, we are dedicated to helping organizations create lasting impact. We’ve seen first hand how easy it can be for organizations to spend billions of dollars and not make significant progress.

The initial idea for Kumu (which means “source of wisdom” in Hawaiian) came from a need to visualize relationships in the Hawaii renewable energy space. Existing tools were overly academic and painful to use—so we decided to build one of our own. The result was a step forward, but ultimately the network map wasn’t all that valuable by itself.


Trusted by 78,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate makes it easy to create compelling courses for every device. Articulate 360 is a subscription that has everything course creators need for e-learning development. Articulate users can also find inspiration, guidance, product support, and best practices in the Articulate community: E-Learning Heroes. It’s the #1 community for course creators with over 750,000 members worldwide, and it’s completely free to join.


EveryoneSocial provides a social selling & employee advocacy platform designed to help your employees become powerful marketers, sellers, and recruiters.

Our customers are generally B2B companies spanning high-tech, telecommunications, financial and professional services, staffing, commercial real estate, and others. Used by leading marketing, sales, HR, and communications teams at companies like Adobe, CenturyLink, Indeed, and Dell. We are proud to be the leading provider most preferred by employees.


We are where art starts, but that’s only the beginning. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression. We believe that art is for everyone, and we’re creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered, and shared.

Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts, and a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works with an enthusiastic, art-centric community. We have over 44 million registered members and attract over 45 million unique visitors per month. Our members — known as deviants — upload tens of thousands of original pieces of art every day, everything from painting and sculpture to digital art, pixel art, films, and anime.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources, and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity. We can’t help it — it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.


Zaarly is a place to hire home service providers who are proud to be held accountable for their work.

We believe homeowners should be able to hire service providers confidently:
  • Without spending hours sifting through online reviews.
  • Without the hassle of unreturned phone calls.
    • Without worrying about no-shows to appointments.
    • Without fear that a service provider will screw up the job.

    We have built a company around this fundamental belief.

    When we started this journey, we honestly thought it would be much easier than it has been. How hard is it to show up on time and do the job you said you would do?

    In the home services industry, it turns out to be quite difficult for a lot of different and complex reasons.

    And because of that, most web platforms in this space avoid accountability. They run from the problem.

    Not us. We believe homeowners should be able to hire a home service provider without fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

    It shouldn’t be this hard. But it is. Since no one else takes accountability, Zaarly does.

    We don’t make excuses. We fix the problem.


Draw with colleagues in a remote workspace and communicate using real-time spatial sound. technology. 

Personalised avatars allow you to engage with colleagues or clients seamlessly.

Take control of the 3D workspace and collaborate and communicate efficiently and intuitively with a host of Mixed Reality features.


BeerMenus.com was founded to help craft beer lovers find their favorite beers nearby. Bars, restaurants, and beer shops can add their menus and promote their selections online. Today the site includes over 20,000 bars from all over the country and over 100,000 beers. Search for your favorite beer to find it near you, or browse bars nearby to see what they’re serving.


Forestry.io is a Git-backed CMS (content management system) for websites and web products built using static site generators. Forestry bridges the gap between developers and their teams, by making development fun and easy, while providing powerful content management for their teams.


At causaLens we are on a mission to create a machine that predicts the global economy in real-time. We develop the next generation of autonomous predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. We call it the CLPU (causaLens Predictive Unit). Our technology helps large organisations optimise business outcomes at scale.

Do It! Marketing

David Newman specializes in thought-leadership marketing (aka Marketing for Smart People) via seminars, consulting and coaching programs to help you unlock the floodgates to bigger opportunities, juicier profits and faster growth for YOU, your business, and your team.

David works with you in whatever way makes the most sense, including… A Marketing Keynote or Marketing Seminar to add a giant dose of business-building DNA to your next corporate event, annual conference or association meeting Our Professional Services Marketing PSM 4.0™ Strategic Work Sessions for professional services firms who want to grow Our customized 1-on-1 Thought Leadership Marketing Coaching Program for executives and entrepreneurs who want to win more business, more easily and more often

Find out how YOU can generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects, and BIGGER sales with David Newman and Do It! Marketing.