Bleeper was created to help founders, startups and small businesses to easily chat to potential customers on their site.

Initially, Bleeper started out as a WordPress plugin which quickly gained traction and now enjoys over 60 000 active customers.

We decided to expand our market to all sites and not just WordPress sites in Sep 2018. Between 2016 and 2018, Bleeper was developed with the intent to make it easier for founders, marketers and businesses to reach out to potential customers on their website at the time they were making the decision to buy.

Since then, Bleeper has added a wide array of features such as the Team Inbox and Blips which extends the helpfulness and uniqueness of the Bleeper product in general. With these two additional powerful features, not only can you chat to potential customers on your website, but also on your social accounts and email inboxes. Furthermore, Bleeper pushes important events and data to your CRM software and team communication software (such as Slack) to ensure that all data is up to date.

Bleeper is currently managed and developed by a team of 10 individuals spread out around the world, from the US, Africa, UK and Poland. Our main purpose for the foreseeable future is to ensure that you, the founder and business owner enjoys a tool that helps you bring in more revenue and grow your business.