We love maintaining and improving existing code. (Yes, really.) Old Code. New Tricks. Have an app that needs a little love? Maybe you want more functionality or better test coverage. Perhaps your app is sluggish and you don’t know why. Or you just might need to find a way to integrate your existing application into new systems that your business is using.
Don’t Start Over — Remodel Your Code. It’s common to hear developers recommend scrapping an existing application and building it over from scratch. Sometimes this makes sense, but often it’s more cost effective to improve what you already have.
Would you tear down your house if all you wanted to do was update your kitchen or add on a sunroom? No, you’d remodel what’s already there. Learn more about our remodeling and retrofitting services. Any Language. Any Platform. Any Framework. Many developer shops limit themselves to a single language. But we know that software is always evolving and it often takes many frameworks, languages, and platforms to get the job done. Need ruby on a .NET framework? We’ve done it. Learn more about how we code.