In an industry where interoperability plagues the progress of health IT, our engineers have already figured out how to get iPhones to talk to fax machines. And we’re just getting started.

Doximity’s passion for working with physicians is what helped us grow to No 1. We believe that when doctors are connected, patients benefit and the medical sector works better. Listening to what physicians need and then building simple tools to solve complex problems is what we do. Our vision is a future where medical communication is effortless — fast, simple, seamless and secure. Doximity is made of developers, doctors, scientists, start-up founders, non-profit founders, ping-pong players, professional waterskiers. We’re diverse – in fact, we’re multilingual. Ruby is our preferred language, of course. While we’re already the No. 1 network for physicians, we’re not even close to being done with our goals. The Doximity engineering blog is focused on technology and technology issues. We’ll share our ideas, decisions and challenges regarding the software we build and use.