FlyData Inc.

FlyData Inc. is a SaaS data migration company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. We enable easy management of the data load process to the cloud, allowing customers to move large data sets seamlessly, securely and continuously to existing data warehouses.

Our mission is to allow our customers to focus on their core business while we handle the real-time data processing. Amazon Redshift is a revolutionary product that will change how big data analytics will work for many years to come, but there are many difficulties in terms of data extraction, transformation, and loading. To mitigate these issues, FlyData offers services that will ease the migration of your data onto Amazon Redshift. Our solutions include an automatic and rapid transfer of log data onto Amazon Redshift (FlyData Sync). If you collect big data in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Percona, MariaDB, FlyData can replicate this data onto Amazon Redshift for faster and easier analysis. Formerly known as Hapyrus in Japan, FlyData Inc. was founded in 2011 after being funded by prominent investors, notably 500 Startups and Mirai Creation Investment.

For more information, check out our website at Check out our blog at and follow @FlyDataInc on Twitter! FlyData is an official partner of Amazon Web Services