Gatekeeper is a SaaS-based Vendor Management solution. We offer vendor management, contract management, and vendor portal solutions to help our customers automate, delegate and gain control of their master data, reducing risk, improving compliance and maximising value from their supply chain.

Gatekeeper offers a fresh, vibrant, simplified and modern way of managing vendor relationships. We are on a mission to make our customers’ working lives easier, more enjoyable, and more productive by bringing clarity to their vendor and contract data; making it controlled, dynamic, automated and collaborative.

The gatekeeper is a bane to new and experienced marketers. The gatekeeper is essentially a locked door standing between you and the person you need to speak with. If you don’t explain yourself in the right way, your message will never be delivered.

Gatekeeper is a global partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with 5 global hosting locations.

Extensive integration support for over 220 third party solutions, including Single Sign On (SSO), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Finance, Document Management Solution (DMS) and more