Gear Stream, Inc.

We are an Enterprise Digital Transformation firm that has developed novel Human Centered Design methods and intervention techniques that radically foster corporate transformation and reinvention.    We have a number of proven frameworks that we use for helping facilitate companies for digital that focus on a variety or core themes including:  agile structure, adaptive leadership, agile performance management, and product / customer experience innovation.

Gear Stream is the leading Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation & Software Innovation firm in North America. Gear Streams transformation services are designed to address the unique challenges of establishing sustainable Lean-Agile collaboration and execution models across all corporate stakeholders and departments including: CIO, CTO,PMO, Product Marketing, Engineering, QA, and Operations. Gear Stream also operates the only on-demand, Crowd-Sourced Agile Engineering Cloud Development Network, an integrated, managed services platform that combines an on-demand global Agile engineering workforce with cloud based continuous software delivery automation.