We are GovPredict, a Y Combinator-backed startup that has a singular goal: help our clients win their public affairs campaigns.
We’ve taken all the tech that’s used in public affairs campaigns (legislative monitoring, tech for launching grassroots campaigns, fly-in software, issue management, fundraising), built some unique tools (biggest database of campaign contributions in the world, monitoring municipal ordinances across thousands of cities), and put it all under one roof. We work with Fortune 100 companies, political action committees (PACs), Congressional offices, political campaigns, and more. Our clients include AIPAC, ASPCA, SEIA, 21st Century Fox, and many more.
GovPredict is on the forefront of increasing government transparency as well as shaping how politics and influence is done.
Our product and development team is distributed around the world and our sales + business development is in Washington, DC, USA.