Growth Staff

What you need is a partner that’s going to review everything you have going on, come up with a strategy for everything that needs to get done, and then actually get those things done.

Someone that’s going to take total ownership of growing your business.
I’m Justin McGill, the Founder and Chief Strategist at Growth Staff. I founded a digital marketing agency in 2008 and grew that into a 7 figure agency.

I launched LeadFuze in 2014, a SaaS tool that helps with sales prospecting and lead generation.

I was doing it all while growing LeadFuze, but what I really needed was a team. It was bootstrapped before raising a small friends and family round of funding. It wasn’t enough to hire a team, and I knew an agency focused on “X blog posts per month” type deliverables wasn’t going to cut it.

I realized this is a problem a lot of companies face when they reach that $500k to $2M in annual recurring revenue.
So I used the agency to build out a growth team and saw an opportunity to impact more businesses than just mine.