Host Compliance

Host Compliance LLC is a privately held company born in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley and with offices across North America. Founded in 2015, the company is the leading provider of short-term rental compliance monitoring and enforcement solutions to local governments. Host Compliance’s services include:

  • Implementing fair and effective short-term rental ordinances
  • Identifying privately-owned short-term residential properties on behalf of local governments
  • Monitoring and enforcing registration, permitting and lodging tax compliance
  • Registering, processing and verifying permit applications (online and offline)
  • Collecting short-term rental related taxes such as Transient Occupancy, Lodging and Hotel taxes
  • Providing 24/7 telephone hotline services that makes it easy for neighbors and other stakeholders to anonymously report and resolve issues with short-term renters without involving law enforcement officials
  • Identifying tax under-reporting and other fraudulent practices

Built on the foundation of customer collaboration and industry leading 24/7/365 customer service, Host Compliance prides itself on constantly improving its solutions so that local governments can keep their citizens safe and maintain the character of their neighborhoods while at the same time enabling home-owners to utilize their private properties for short-term rentals in a controlled manner (if allowed under local regulations).  By having the right tools for the job, Host Compliance’s local government partners:

  1. ensure that short-term renters and landlords comply with local ordinances,
  2. dramatically increase their tax collections from short-term rental property owners,
  3. free up valuable staff time to focus on more pressing priorities.