Tomorrowing today.™ HYPERGIANT [ / Office of Machine Intelligence ] The space where impossibility intersects reality. Where companies speed beyond norms and realize an exploded potential. Where light filters out the dark. And machine intelligence makes everything about your business more intelligent. Hypergiant Space Age Solutions Division /// The guiding light for Fortune 500 companies.
Providing understanding, creation and implementation at the intersection of experience and machine intelligence. Analyzing data. Teaching machines to teach themselves ‐ in order to create powerful technology solutions and smarter, more efficient human workforces. Hypergiant Sensory Sciences Division ///
The rapid proliferation of cameras, sensors and locations under surveillance has generated an urgent requirement for a breakthrough in the ability to persistently observe, analyze and learn from our physical surroundings. Thus the mission: develop and implement sensory perception at scale powered by machines that can see, sense and alert us when important things happen in our environments. Hypergiant Galactic Systems Division ///
Hypergiant Galactic Systems is a revolutionary orbital systems and constellations enterprise that combines artificial intelligence with proprietary hardware and the latest advancements in space access. Focused on evolving international commerce with more accessible and affordable space missions, Hypergiant Galactic Systems identifies, invests in, and acquires celestial technologies that can be integrated with and enhanced by machine intelligence.