The idea for JAM originally came to us when the two of us started working together at Adbrain a couple of years ago. We were building a complex product, and like many people at the start of their career, we learnt on the job – largely through trial and error. During that time, we often asked ourselves how other companies go about designing and building great products. What goes on behind the scenes? How do product managers, designers and engineers make it all happen? We realised we really wanted to catch a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes of the companies we looked up to. And we thought other people would want to know too. So we decided to organise an event to share these stories. Today, we run monthly Show & Tell events and an annual conference to learn from the people behind the products we all know and love.
A fast-growing community for product managers, designers and makers –– we help people build great products, one story at a time.
We do this through:
  • Friendly conferences – http://www.jamlondon.io/conferences/2018
  • Hands-on workshops – http://jamlondon.io/workshops
  • Inspiring content (in the works!)