Qwilr is creating documents for the web.

Before we used PCs, we wrote on A4 notepads, added up in grid-lined ledger books, and presented using overhead transparencies. Microsoft turned those three basic manual technologies into the core of its Office suite: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These were – and are – powerful technologies. But even as Microsoft and Google have helped to bring them to the cloud, they remain skeuomorphic renditions of technology from the 20th century (and earlier).

Qwilr has set documents free from the skeuomorphs. We believe that the future of documents is online. Not as sharable A4 documents, but as webpages. Not as things we print out (and eventually put into landfill), but as things we view on smartphones, tablets & desktops.

Our work has a singular focus: to make it easier for individuals and businesses to create beautiful web docs with Qwilr. We want to set people – and their ideas and messages – free from static docs that are still at best an updated spin on a 1980s technology. We do this because we know that when you embrace the web, you can do so much more.

We’re committed to this vision because we want to see a world where people at work spend time on the core parts of their job. The parts that make them happy. The parts that bring in the dollars. We want to set sales people free from fiddling with Powerpoint. We want to see producers uninhibited in indesign. We want to see the graphic designer unchained from changing templates, and unleashed on the most valuable projects.

Qwilr is not just about power and beauty, it’s about efficiency. We want every document to be on brand without people having to think about it. We want the best pieces of copy to be at everyone’s fingertips. We want every version to be the right version.

Right now, our vision lives as our powerful Qwilr docs, which include a simple and intuitive quoting and proposal tools that will help sales teams sell more and look better with less effort. We are working non stop to build and expand our product.