TrendSpider LLC

No one gets into technical trading thinking it will be easy. We certainly didn’t when we started trading, more than a decade ago. What surprised us was how much external factors—emotions, bias, a Silicon Valley CEO’s tweets—tended to play into our analyses, keeping us from finding a consistent technical strategy. Like you, we’ve spent way too much time manually crunching charts, only to start from scratch the next day. Not only is this time-consuming, it often interferes with your end goal: consistently profitable trades. 

In 2016, founders Dan and Rus were fed up with these inefficiencies—and the substandard results they produced. They set out to build a new type of charting platform—one that would give you the tools to build better plans while helping to mitigate profit-killing blunders by making analysis more consistent. 

From this idea, TrendSpider was born. 

Today, the platform has evolved into the most comprehensive technical analysis software on the market—and we continue to innovate. We are the first to offer a fully-customizable automation engine on a charting platform, and our alerts remain “head and shoulders” above the rest. 

We’re a truly global operation, with staff in Chicago, Denver, India, Russia, and Ukraine. Our team members are experienced developers, seasoned traders, or (in many cases) both. We’re proud to help over 4,000 traders around the world boost efficiency and accuracy. 

Don’t be confused, though: we’re not an alert service, nor are we a “silver bullet” proprietary trading system. TrendSpider doesn’t work without your know-how. What we offer is a customizable platform that helps you plan your trade, and trade your plan like a pro.