Trialfacts was established in 2006 to provide specialized patient recruitment services and effective solutions to the clinical trial industry. We combine our extensive marketing and advertising expertise with in-depth clinical trial experience to create effective marketing solutions that adhere to GCP and IRB requirements. Planning the correct marketing strategy and campaign for patient recruitment ensures your trials are completed on or ahead of schedule. We also often rescue trials which have suffered delays. Trialfacts provides a link between medical research and patients wanting to understand all of their available options. There are many misconceptions surrounding clinical trials, and many people do not have the necessary knowledge of trials for which they could be eligible. Available resources present trial information in a manner which is difficult for patients to comprehend, and trial advertising in the media usually provides little information. It is our mission to demystify clinical trials by providing detailed, relevant, and easily digestible information about specific trials, to aid in patients’ decision making processes. When someone decides they would like to know more about a specific trial, Trialfacts provides a conduit for them to register their interest and for research staff to get in touch, provide further information and enroll them into the study.