Universal Avenue

Universal Avenue was founded in 2014 by Johan Lilja and Petter Hederstedt in Stockholm, Sweden. In less than two years a sketch on a piece of paper has become a global community of thousands of Brand Ambassadors, representing some of the world’s leading brands. We’ve launched in six countries, have four offices, along with a constantly growing in-house team of talented people. Our journey has just begun.

Universal Avenue is introducing Sales-as-a-Service, with an on-demand direct sales force that can be activated instantly in any location around the world. Accelerate your customer acquisition with a global infrastructure for growth.

Universal Avenue exists to inspire and enable people to live more enriched lives. To provide unmatched professional development, and connect people within an international community. Our Brand Ambassadors are located all over the world, set their own schedule and are free to work wherever they choose to travel. Together they form a distributed network that gives brands the freedom to grow in any market, at any time.