You Need A Budget (YNAB)

We’re a profitable, bootstrapped, growing company. Our marketing, message, and manifesto—everything we do—is rooted in our friendly approach™ to teaching our proven Four-Rule Method. (The ™ was a joke. We also have a sense of humor.) We sell beautiful, effective software that has helped hundreds of thousands of people implement the method and gain total control of their finances. We’re called “You Need a Budget,” but we prefer “YNAB” because we’re all so busy (YOLO!). For years now, YNAB has transformed people’s finances and lives and they’ve been telling their friends how awesome it is. (Don’t believe us? Ask Google!) We’re making peoples’ lives better and are having fun doing it.
We have one overarching requirement when it comes to joining our team: our Cultural Manifesto has to really click with you. (If you’re nodding emphatically while reading it, you’ll probably fit right in, in which case, we can’t wait to hear from you!)