Contract Web Developer (Shopify and/or WordPress)


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Contract Web Developer (Shopify and/or WordPress)






Headquarters:New York, NY,Americas



We are seeking multiple contract, remote Web Developers to work with us on an ongoing and/or per-project basis. Those who qualify will have access to a number of projects many of which have long term considerations.

Our ideal candidate must have:

  • Prior experience in working with an agency
  • Advanced front-end development experience, taking designs and making cross-browser-compatible, responsive, accessible websites
  • Experience building custom backend solutions or integrations for WordPress and/or Shopify
  • Familiar with WordPress and/or Shopify information architectures and template systems.
  • Familiar with WordPress’s plugin and/or Shopify’s app ecosystems
  • Knowledge of modern development tooling like Grunt/Gulp, node, webpack, browserify, postcss, etc.
  • Experience using Git for version tracking and collaboration with other developers (know how to do a `git rebase`?)
  • Experience working with a team (developer, designers, project managers, marketers), especially remotely
  • Understanding of AJAX and experience with the integration of third-party REST-style APIs
  • An understanding of current SEO and accessibility best practices
  • A working knowledge of performance optimization strategies and their importance (such as caching, asset minification, CDNs, etc.)
  • A good sense of design and an eye for the details, able to bridge the gap between designs and implementation—transitions, animations, and fluidity
  • Excellent written and verbal professional communication skills—strong command of conversational English, gives heads up when challenges or delays might occur, etc
  • A high level of self-management and organizational skills

How will I work with your team?

We will brief you on the project(s) requirements and negotiate on a project fee. You will be briefed on our process. You will become part of a project team and collaborate closely throughout the design, development, QA, and post-launch phases of the project. The more we work together, the better we can build trust. New projects are led by our internal team. We communicate through various video, chat, and project management tools and you must be available through these channels throughout the day on East Coast time.
We also transition many freelance contractors to permanent positions or monthly/hourly retainers.

Apply for this Position

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