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Senior Software Engineer


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Headquarters:London, UK,Anywhere with roughly 4 hour overlap with Eastern Time and European Time



With over 35k active users for our essential Shopify apps we’ve followed the rapid growth of Shopify and are looking to add a senior engineer to our 100% remote team of five.
As a Senior Software Engineer you’ll have worked with React and Rails before and developed a decent-sized web app using the Flux pattern (with Redux, Flux or Alt). You can both architect software, building it from the ground up, and maintain existing systems in a thoughtful way.
Just as important is how you approach problems and work in the team. We don’t want someone who puts their headphones on for three days and churns out code. Your instinct is to collaborate.
You’ll work closely with our product manager to gather requirements, come up with technical solutions, present these in a clear non-technical way and agree on what to do.
You’ll both mentor and learn from our software engineer through code reviews and working on problems together. And you’ll help the team understand your changes, how best to test them and be responsive in fixing bugs.
We’re 100% remote across different timezones so clear, regular communication is key. Your location isn’t important as long as there’s a roughly 4 hour overlap with Eastern Time and European Time.
You’re experienced in working remotely and have found a schedule and setup that works best for you. If that’s a coworking space we can pay for that, but that’s optional since you decide where you’re at your most productive.
Skills & Experience
  • 1+ years backend experience (Rails, Laravel, Django etc.)

  • 2+ years React with Redux, Flux or Alt

  • 5+ years software engineering

  • Have worked on web apps, ideally B2B SaaS

  • Software architecture

  • Have used a few different software patterns

  • Very collaborative

  • Clear non-technical communicator

  • Have worked remotely

  • Curious about new technologies

  • Ideally have worked with Kanban 
Full time, 100% remote from any location with a 4 hour overlap with Eastern Time and European Time. We believe strongly in work/life balance with reasonable hours (usually 37.5 hours or occasionally more when required). We’re a UK company with compensation and paid time off to match.

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