Caxiam is a software design and engineering company focused on web-based products and platforms. We specialize in building web applications and e-commerce platforms using open source tools like Python and Ember.js. The software we build is distributed (API-driven), well-tested (testing automation), and extremely maintainable. We design and engineer large, custom e-commerce platforms that integrate with back-end ERP systems, provide real-time inventory and pricing information, and up-to-the-minute customer data.

We can handle volume of any size (e.g. 250k products selling millions monthly) or smaller stores requiring custom development. We’ve integrated successfully with Epicor Eclipse, Tecsys Elite, Prism, MasterPack, EnterpriseOne, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and a wide variety of third-party PIMs and APIs. We build tools that help customers process orders, manage customers, handle returns, and maintain their products with highly specific business rules. We love startups and entrepreneurs just as much as we love distributors and we love creating digital products as much as we like building e-commerce platforms. It’s all software design & engineering to us. From initial strategy through product deployment, Caxiam guides you every step of the way.

We work with startups collaboratively to build web ideas that have never before existed. Using an Agile approach, we rely heavily on iteration to launch minimum viable products (MVPs) that can scale and adapt over time. Over the past decade we’ve built 100s of applications to help businesses run efficiently and offer technology solutions to their customers. From medical payments processing applications to real estate matching applications, we’ve streamlined the process for turning web ideas into business realities. We bring certainty to software and expertise to engineering.