Voxnest / Spreaker

Voxnest is a set of podcasting tools that help media publishers, indie podcasters, and advertisers monetize, manage, and track content. These tools—Dynamo, Hive, and Cortex—improve workflows and help yield greater earnings. Tools Dynamo: Monetize podcasts with Dynamo by enabling dynamic spots across episodes that refresh automatically at each play with targeted ads .

Hive: a complete podcast management system that offers a clear overview and full control over the audio publishing process. Cortex: (Coming soon) Keep track of your content’s full analytics, even after it’s been distributed across external channels, with Cortex. Team Voxnest’s team includes tech entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and investors with extensive experience in podcasting ecosystems. In 2018, Voxnest acquired Spreaker and BlogTalkradio, creating a solid network of solution-driven podcasting companies.