lopo is actually the last 5 letters of the word Monopoly spelled backwards symbolizing how we’re turning the ultimate game of real estate on its head! Howard Tager, co-founder and CEO of Ylopo, was also the co-founder and CEO of TigerLead Solutions which he had started in 2007 and which, at the time, was considered the pioneer and leader of real estate digital marketing.   But now it’s Ylopo that has become the leader in the field and the “Future of Real Estate Technology”! With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry Howard is now back alongside Juefeng Ge, former head of digital marketing for TigerLead and now co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Ylopo, to leverage the latest and most effective technological advancements in the field to help Ylopo’s clients generate more business and better promote their team, brand, and listings across the entire digital landscape.