Dimagi, Inc.

Dimagi, Inc. is a for- profit social enterprise based in Cambridge, MassachusettsUSA, that delivers open-source software technology suitable for low-resource settings and underserved communities.[1] The company designs clinical interfaces, health information systems, and mobile technologies to perform patient-level disease management, clinical decision support, and health system monitoring. It also provides implementation services on open-source information and technology. Dimagi became a certified B corporation in 2008 and an incorporated benefit corporation in 2012. Dimagi has additional offices in New Delhi, IndiaCape Town, South AfricaMaputo, Mozambique, and Dakar, Senegal


The digital infrastructure helping causes raise more money from engaged supporters. The way people interact with their favourite causes is changing. Soon the last postal appeal will be sent, and charities need to be ready with supporter-centric digital products to meet people where they are every day – online.
Raisely is building a suite of online products for all charities and non-profits to help them raise more money and engage their supporters online, from their first donation to the anniversaries of their regular giving. Our products allow causes to create stunning donation pages, powerful peer-to-peer campaigns and clever on-boarding.


There are more hungry people in New York than there are citizens of San Francisco. That’s not ok.
At Lemontree we show up every day at work and solve this problem. We’re a non-profit that sells family dinner. Our systemic solution helps low-income families set the table with a dignified, affordable and healthy dinner. We deliver meal-kits with everything a parent needs to cook a delicious meal for just $2 per serving.

PETA Foundation

PETA was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. PETA educates policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promotes kind treatment of animals. PETA is an international nonprofit charitable organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, with affiliates worldwide.

PETA believes that animals have rights and deserve to have their best interests taken into consideration, regardless of whether they are useful to humans. Like you, they are capable of suffering and have an interest in leading their own lives.

The very heart of all of PETA’s actions is the idea that it is the right of all beings—human and nonhuman alike—to be free from harm. Our world is plagued with many serious problems, all of which deserve our attention. Cruelty to animals is one of them. We believe that all people should try to stop animal abuse whenever and wherever they can.

Since 1980, PETA has campaigned to establish a global society in which humans consider the needs of what Henry Beston, noted American writer and naturalist of the mid-20th century, so beautifully called “the other nations.” We uphold the rights of individual animals to be respected. For most, that means simply leaving them alone.
PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: in laboratories, on factory farms,in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry.

In today’s world of virtually unlimited choices, animal exploitation is simply unacceptable. We can eat better, educate ourselves better, clothe ourselves better, and entertain ourselves better without torturing and killing animals.
We have the power to spare animals excruciating pain by making better choices about the food we eat, the things we buy, and the activities we support.

New Classrooms

Our founding team includes many leaders and original members of School of One, New York City’s award-winning personalized educational program that was named one of the Top 50 Inventions of 2009 by TIME.
In 2011, New Classrooms formed as an independent, non-profit organization in order to bring personalized learning to more students across the country. Teach to One: Mathis New Classrooms’ flagship school-based learning model.

New Classrooms was founded by many members of the team that created School of One, an initiative incubated within the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) in 2009. Co-Founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush launched School of One to determine whether it was possible to design a school-based learning model that integrated live, online, and collaborative learning in ways that met the unique needs of each learner each day.

Master Essays

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Raising the Floor – US

We’re an international coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring that the Internet, and everything available through it, is accessible to everybody. Our central focus is the development of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII).
Our vision is to revolutionize the landscape of assistive technology by creating an infrastructure to facilitate the development, distribution, and support of a wide range of affordable accessibility solutions around the world.
The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure is a paradigm shift that will provide enhancements to the Internet to enable the Internet to be truly inclusive for the first time. The GPII will not create new access technologies or services, but will create the infrastructure for making their development, identification, delivery, and use easier, less expensive, and more effective.
Each information and communication technology (ICT) will be able to instantly change to fit users as they encounter the device, rather than requiring users to figure out how to adapt, configure or install access features they need. It also introduces a system of shared components and services to reduce cost, increase interoperability, and foster innovation.