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Infrastructure Operations Engineer (macOS/iOS)


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Travis CI is looking for an experienced engineer with a background in systems administration, operations engineering, infrastructure automation, or similar, who enjoys building and operating production infrastructure. We are particularly looking for an engineer with experience working with the macOS/iOS development toolchain.
We are looking for someone who wants to help design, build, and operate the services that are at the core of how Travis CI runs continuous integration and deployment services for more than 600k developers. You’ll help us with the infrastructure components and services that can be relied on and scale to running around 3 millions of CI jobs per week.
Please note that we will be accepting applications until the end of the working day in Berlin on December 6th, 2018, and are looking for candidates who would be open to starting work with us within the next 3 months. Regarding the upcoming Holidays in December, we are expecting interviews to start in early January. We only accept applications in English.


    What follows is an outline of what we need to help us manage and grow our production build infrastructure.
    • You should be familiar with the practices and principles of building modern distributed software systems.
    • We would like for you to help us continue growing our engineering and people culture in a way that’s healthy, vibrant, and represents the best of what DevOps has to offer.
    • You are comfortable with creating automation tooling. You have a background in or interest in working with Ruby and Go.
    • You have experience with the macOS and iOS developer tools, such as Xcode and CocoaPods, and perhaps have experience working with automation on the Mac platform.
    • You have experience designing, building, and operating production infrastructure that combines both hosted and in-house services. You’re comfortable discussing the trade-offs of “building vs buying” with regard to things like monitoring, metrics, logging, compute resources, etc.
    • You have built and maintained production systems running on cloud systems like Amazon Web Services, VMware, or Google Cloud Platform.
    • You have a good understanding of containerization tools like Docker, the benefits and trade-offs of using them, and you are interested in implementing and operating infrastructure that incorporates them.
    • You have experience with any of Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or other modern configuration management tooling.
    • You have familiarity with CloudFormation, Terraform, Packer, or other products providing Infrastructure-as-code workflows.
    • You value and are comfortable with contributing to open source software as part of your day to day job during your working hours.


    • As an infrastructure operations engineer, you will be responsible for building scalable, testable, and repeatable infrastructure through automation.
    • You’ll participate in a follow-the-sun on-call rotation that is composed of people from across all of Travis CI’s engineering teams, and on a week-day customer support rotation.
    • It would be a huge bonus if you have an excellent track record of writing and maintaining great documentation
    • We value empathy and clear communication, and the importance of building a diverse and vibrant workplace.
    • Travis CI is distributed across the globe. You will be part of an environment that’s spread across time zones and where communication happens primarily using text and video chat, so you should be proficient with written and asynchronous communication.
    • To provide additional context, here is an overview of the tools and technologies you’ll be working with day to day. Please note that this list is for your information only, and is not a list of technologies you are already expected to have experience with.

      Compute Environments
    • Google Compute Engine
    • VMware vSphere (Private hosted environment)
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    Operating Systems/Versions
    • macOS (formerly Mac OS X)
    • Ubuntu Linux
    • Windows
    Programming Languages
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Go
    • Bash
    Data Stores and Message Brokers
    • Postgres
    • Redis
    • RabbitMQ
    Automation Tools
    • Ansible
    • Terraform
    • Packer

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