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Uscreen is a growing software as a service for helping anyone monetize videos online.  This is a feature full platform, you will need to learn the in’s & out’s of the platform perfectly.
We are seeking a talented customer success person to join our team.  In this position you will be in charge of everything relating to the customer’s success such as helping them get setup, answering their questions, even doing webinars & 1 on 1 Demo’s.  You will learn a lot!!
You will also be responsible for helping setup funnels to help the customers succeed, including setup emails, on boarding calls, and much more.


  • Answering technical support requirements.
  • Speaking directly to customers and helping them get Setup.
  • Running one on one onboarding webinars and demo’s with customers.
  • Understanding why customers are churning and communicate this back to the product & dev team.
  • Work with the product and executive team to communicate what high-end customers are conveying to you.
  • Doing 1 on 1 Demo’s.
  • Developing funnels & workflows and helping customers succeed with the setup process.
  • Developing content including help guides to help customers get setup.
  • Offering phone support to customers as needed.
  • Being pro-active and contacting new customers that just signed up.
  • Keep a summary of the top pitfalls/issues that new customers are running into.
  • Work on projects to improve our onboarding experience (email, wizard, getting started, tracks, settings).
  • Help with customer support & help guides during your down time.


– Work with a highly qualified & creative team
– Paid vacation time
– Annual team Re-treat
– Learn a lot and grow with us
– Work remotely


We offer annual reviews and bonuses as the company moves forward.  Please note we are a startup and the hourly rate is a key indicator in our decision making.

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