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As an iOS developer at Help Scout you will help rebuild our iOS app using Swift and lend a hand with our iOS SDK written in Objective-C where we are working on a unique approach to live chat. Our goal is to craft a wonderful experience for our users on phones and tablets as well as making it easy for iOS developers to add Help Scout capabilities to their apps. Your work will empower over 8,000 businesses around the world to provide excellent customer service and will support the other senior engineers on your team.

Tools we use

  • Swift, Objective-C, Realm, Moya, Pusher, CocoaPods, Carthage, Fastlane, Jazzy
  • Slack, Trello, GitHub, Travis, Sentry, Sumo Logic

About the role

  • You will be a key player in the development, maintenance and support of our iOS ecosystem which at the moment is comprised of: an iOS swift application, the iOS SDK, and an open source sample application. 
  • iOS Swift Application – Many of our customers, like us, support remote workforces on the go and they require us to enable their customer teams to work at any time from anyplace and having a mobile application is paramount to enabling this.
  • iOS SDK – Many of our customers have iOS apps that would benefit from in-app support conversations and self-service articles powered by Help Scout. Our Objective-C SDK will enable our customer’s iOS apps to embed these capabilities easily, and customize them as needed. We provide an open source implementation that can enable developers to get up and running quickly with our SDK.
  • Our engineering team is just over forty people, around half the company. You will join our five-person mobile team which includes two other iOS engineers, two Android engineers, and a designer; with you, we will be six! You’ll be involved in every decision made regarding implementation, testing, backlog prioritization and how we work.
  • Your work is focused on the app, SDK and mobile API implementation and technical design details. You’ll also get everything you need from your team’s designer concerning iOS-specific visual design and interactions. You’ll work with customers and QA engineers to ensure releases meet customer demands and our high-quality bar.
  • Our engineering teams work in two-week iterations, communicates mostly via Slack and are committed to remote, agile development. When you are ready, you’ll create and send a pull request with tests and tag your team for review – using video and screen-sharing as needed. Your development builds will be easily tested on environments that closely match production. You’ll work autonomously for the most part, and we trust you to get work done when/where you can be productive.
  • We practice whole company support. Your team performs engineering support when a question stymies our in-house customers team or comes directly to you via developer support requests on GitHub. We’ll get you up-to-speed with engineering support so you can help our customers, developer community and improve the product along the way.
  • Everything is secondary to the customer experience. We expect you to have a keen sense of how your code will impact performance, security, and usability.
  • You’ll be working with product people that challenge you to get better every day. The founders are technical and committed to creating a magical experience for customers. You’ll deploy work that moves the needle for businesses around the world.
  • You can work almost anywhere in the world as long as you have 4+ hours of overlap time with Denver, CO working hours. For example, you could work 9 AM – 5 PM from either Edmonton, Alberta, or Caracas, Argentina and achieve 4+ hours overlap.

About you

  • You bring a level of iOS-specific expertise that will help us craft an outstanding experience for customers and fellow iOS app developers. With years of experience delivering iOS apps using CocoaTouch frameworks with Objective-C and Swift, you are someone that loves picking up new skills and refining your craft.
  • You have familiarity with building a UI with Interface Builder and Storyboards, and understand how to leverage REST APIs and frameworks for managing local storage for caching.
  • You have a great understanding of how“always online” products like Help Scout communicate with web services in an unpredictable iOS reality. You can help us design everything to fail gracefully and leverage local storage to provide customers with as seamless an experience as possible.
  • You delight not only in the way an application works, but in how it looks, and have an excellent understanding of iOS interaction design. Complex crossfades, card flips, and other iOS animation details are something you love working on because it can help you execute the perfect user experience.
  • You stay up to date on the iOS platform and can provide insightful advice about leveraging native platform APIs or evaluating and leveraging wrappers.
  • You have experience digging through crash reports and metrics to find ways to improve your apps incrementally.
  • You believe remote teams are the future of work or are at least excited about the idea. You have experience working with remote teams or can adjust your work/management style to be remote-friendly.
  • You’re a great communicator and have an excellent command of written and spoken English. As a remote company, we rely on clear communication for collaboration and execution.
  • You are helpful and empathetic and care about building on our company culture that embraces these qualities.


  • Competitive Salary – We pay at or above market salary in most cases and evaluate a lot of research to make sure everyone is paid well. The formula we use to calculate all salaries is public to employees and is improved upon regularly.
  • Health and dental insurance – We cover you and your family’s health/dental insurance 100%. If you are based in the US, we’ll cover you on our Aetna policy. If you’re based outside the US, we offer a healthcare stipend.
  • Long-term/Short-term Disability Insurance & Life Insurance – We cover 100% of the premiums for LT/ST Disability insurance and base Life Insurance. You also have the option to purchase supplementary life insurance through our provider. (currently US only)
  • Flexible vacation – Take time off when you need it, we trust you.
  • Paid parental leave, including adoption and foster care – 12 weeks for primary caretaker and 4 weeks for secondary caretaker.
  • 401k with 1% match – via Betterment for Business (currently US only)
  • Personal Development stipend – Up to $1,800 per year to improve your craft
  • Great tools – Each employee will be provided with a Mac laptop and 27” display (or equivalent equipment of choice).
  • Home Office Stipend – You’ll also receive $1,000 to spend on outfitting your home office, as well as up to $350 a month to rent a co-working space if you like.
  • Complete transparency – Everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company

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