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Kotlin Android Developer, soon to be Head of Android development





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Want to build a product that has a real impact on a users life?, the fastest growing social network for moms in the US, has countless testimonies of moms who say our app changed their lives(just have a look at our reviews). Also, when you help a mom, you help a child.
We have a new set of features that we will release in 2019 to help moms even more and we would like you to be part of it. Also, the dad version is on the roadmap for 2020.
With more than 150K downloads (130k of them organic), breaks loneliness among moms by providing them a safe place where they can talk about their lives, challenges, struggles and fears. They support one another in their losses and they celebrate their victories together.
We are looking for a passionate developer (passionate about technology and our mission to help moms) who will have a deep and tangible impact on our product.
As an app for moms, we totally understand the balance between work and family. We don’t mind skype calls with a baby screaming or you missing a meeting because of a family emergency.
As our team will grow quickly, we want the successful applicant to grow as the head of Android development.
Your role in the company will be:
  • Take ownership over Android projects
  • Be part of the planning and execution of the roadmap
  • Contribute to the decisions around the product
  • Suggest and implement new technologies
  • Build the product
A great candidate would look like:
  • At least 3 years experience writing reliable and performant code for consumer-facing mobile applications.
  • Strong expertise with native Android software development toolkits and the Kotlin Language.
  • Good understanding of the MVVM architectural pattern.
  • Strong working knowledge of Git and Agile Delivery Methodology (e.g. using Bitbucket and Jira).
  • Familiar with Unit Testing, UI Testing and Mobile Continuous Integration.
  • Experience with performance profiling and tuning with Android Studio’s debugging and profiling tools.
  • Worked with RESTful Web Services and JSON using Retrofit and Moshi / Gson.
  • Experience with Reactive Programming, RxJava / RxKotlin, is a plus.
  • Experience with using Websockets for real-time communications is a plus.
  • Experience with Dependency Injection Frameworks is a plus.
  • Ability to autonomously learn the APIs of third-party SDKs and Frameworks to effectively integrate them into the app.
  • Ability to contribute to the app’s UI and UX, including the creation of Custom Controls adhering to Google’s Material Design principles.
  • Willingness to learn as well as to share knowledge.
  • Ability to work independently as well as with a team.
  • Excellent spoken and written English communication skills.
  • Your work and ideas will have a tangible impact on the wellness of millions of lives.
  • You’ll work from home alongside amazing, high-performing colleagues.
  • Fantastic tech start-up environment, using best practices and cutting edge technologies.
  • Dinner time policy: Be there for dinner with your kids, story time and soccer games.
  • Vacation embargo: When you are on vacation, you won’t receive emails from the team.
  • We offer a competitive salary which will depend on your specific experience, with annual benefit and salary reviews.
  • Equity options are offered with every role.
  • Everyone gets 25 days of annual leave.
  • Flexible start times (core hours 10:00-15:00).
  • We pay for your gym, if you go.
  • We have Company “off-site” meetings twice a year where we fly the team to a destination.
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About is a social network for moms that tackles loneliness. You may not know, but research has shown that loneliness has twice the impact of obesity on a person’s lifespan and mental health. Some specialists have started to call loneliness the new cancer. is all about using social media to empower moms instead of wasting their time comparing themselves to one another. 
Using technology for the user’s benefit, we believe that we can have a positive and lasting impact on their well-being.
The team is composed of moms, dads and single people who are all motivated to help moms raise healthy kids.
We all work from our homes, but are intentional about having “virtual coffee breaks” together with the single purpose to socialize. We tackle loneliness, so there is no way we would allow our employees to feel lonely at home.
If you want to be part of a team that really cares about its users and employees, we are the place for you. 

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