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Lead Sales Development Representative (SDR)


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Lead Sales Development Representative (SDR)
Flexibility to work from regional home office. (Must reside within US or Canada)
About You
Are you known around your circle as a highly motivated individual with the ability to build rapport and make friends quickly? Are you proactive and passionate about making an impact? Looking to get your foot in the door to an exciting, fast-paced software company?

About the Position

SDRs are the first live face or voice of our brand – so we are looking for a seasoned, obsessively detail oriented, and technology savvy professional who demonstrates exceptional active listening and communication skills. In joining our rapidly growing local government SaaS startup you will need to become immersed in the short-term vacation rental phenomenon so you can quickly talk to it’s challenges to city leaders across North America. Your proficiency in Salesforce and online research will allow you to quickly find and identify the decision makers of municipalities to speak to.
You’ll be leading a team and driving execution of marketing designed campaigns, making A LOT of phone calls (40-60 or more per day) and sending tons of emails, following up promptly when planners, code enforcement, tax collectors or city managers inquire about our services. If the lead is qualified, you’ll then book a meeting for our Account Executives to go over the services and purchasing steps in greater detail. At this time, you’ll then log the appropriate tasks in the system and carry on with your call list.
As the Lead SDR your experience in assigning call down lists, refining messaging and applying local flare campaigns will be essential to the team’s success. They will look to you for feedback on what is working and assistance to hone an improve what could use improvement.
We stress that SDRs are expected to sell the meeting, not the product – your position is critical in helping to demonstrate value of the solution and the meeting. You need to be extremely adept at following workflows and processes for A/B testing and welcome change while offering feedback as we work to improve for optimal success. You’ll also participate in daily team meetings and attend offsites with the whole team.
This role can be performed from home as long as you have access to a professional work-environment and a fast internet connection.


  • Passion for technology and becoming an expert in your field
  • Entrepreneurial at heart and ability to flourish in a fast-paced, start-up environment
  • You naturally share ideas and never lose sight that you are part of a team
  • Comfortable at building relationships with clients over the phone and over email
  • Enthusiasm for change and a drive for innovation
  • Love working systematically and following detailed procedures
  • Keeps track of critical details and maintains quality control
  • Adept at performing routine work and checking data for accuracy
  • Enjoy sticking to a strict schedule and keeping organized


  • 1+ years previous Lead SDR experience
  • 1+ years experience with
  • 1+ years sales experience at a SaaS or Enterprise Software company
  • Stellar computer and internet skills
  • Excellent grammar and spelling
  • Engaging verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to train, motivate and provide direction

Bonus Points for

  • Salesloft experience
  • Local government experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma (Sales or Marketing preferred, also accepting part-time students in similar programs)
Hiring Process
We have thought a lot about who fits well on the team, and designed a unique process to help highlight a great fit. We care a lot about innate skills, attitudes and work-ethic. Our hiring process reflect this, and to find the perfect candidate we will test every candidate on the actual skills required to do the job successfully. Each test will require only a small time commitment from you, and we will only ask you to do additional tests if you pass the prior tests. This way we won’t waste your time, while making sure that you are the perfect match for the job.
About Host Compliance
Host Compliance is a privately held tech company. Our vision is a world in which the sharing economy works for everyone. We seek to contribute to this by being the leading independent and trusted third party that local governments can turn to for data, tools and impartial advice on how to adopt and enforce Airbnb-style short-term rental related regulations that best serve the needs of all constituents in their communities. You can learn more about us from these new stories in the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox News.
The team behind Host Compliance consist of an experienced group of data scientists, engineers and business people with backgrounds from Caltech, Harvard and McKinsey. The company is profitable and it has grown extremely rapidly since launching out of Stealth mode in Q2 2016.

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