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Do you enjoy modernizing and maintaining existing software? Do you love the challenge of upgrading a big and critical system? Is finding your way around a deprecated software solution to help solve user pain points rewarding to you?
If so, you have the attitude we’re looking for! Lead developers at Corgibytes, or Lead Code Whisperers as we call them, usually work directly with a client to help them migrate platforms, address security vulnerabilities, upgrade databases and infrastructure, integrate existing applications with obscure systems, and more.
Our ideal candidate is a full-stack polyglot programmer who is comfortable with a broad range of tech stacks and is excited to learn new ones, stays up-to-date with industry best practices, is interested in potentially contributing blog posts or presentations, loves to mentor other developers to help them grow in their careers, enjoys pair programming and providing feedback through pull requests and code reviews and is a maintainer at heart.
We are looking for two to three candidates with a different mix of profiles. All positions are hourly, fully remote with little to no travel, and paid between USD$67.66-$74.48 per hour. The team usually operates in the Eastern Time Zone.

What you would be doing:

  • Assess code and provide executive-friendly actionable steps

  • Provide feedback through pull requests and code reviews

  • Find solutions within client budgets or explain in plain language what is required

  • Help other team members by pairing and having mob sessions

  • When required, work with the accounts coordinator to contribute to reports sent to clients to keep them informed and able to make informed decisions

  • Provide daily stand-ups and weekly retrospectives to assigned clients

  • Solve complex architectural problems

  • Help migrate platforms

  • Address security vulnerabilities

  • Integrate with obscure systems

  • Add value to existing software applications through modernization and maintenance by hunting for and squashing bugs, stabilizing infrastructures, adding test coverage, refactoring code, documenting findings, upgrading versions, paying down tech debt

    What we’re looking for:

  • Ability and desire to solve complex architectural problems

  • Ability to articulate the business value of technical choices

  • Consistent practice of writing clean code with Test-Driven Development and rationale documenting

  • Experience with test automation

  • Comfortable with Agile methodologies

  • Strong empathy skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Strong consulting skills

  • Excellent English written and verbal communication

  • For one specific client: deep knowledge of Oracle

  • For one specific client: deep knowledge of Java EE

  • For one specific client: knowledge of Chordiant

  • For one specific client: candidate must be authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship and be willing to have W2 (employee) status (which would require living in the United States)

    What we consider an asset:

  • Experience leading a team

  • Experience managing projects

  • Experience leading mob programming sessions

  • Regularly sharing technical thoughts by contributing to stack overflow, writing blog posts/articles, and/or speaking at conferences

  • Experience as a mentor, having helped other developers grow in their career

    What Corgibytes Does:

Our main focus is on making software applications more stable, scalable, and secure. We call this “software remodeling.”
At Corgibytes, we approach our work through the lens of these core values:
Act With Empathy: Listening and understanding is at the very heart of our culture. Consider the people who are impacted by your work: your clients, your users, your teammates, and even your future self.
Adopt a Growth Mindset: Constantly find ways to expand your knowledge and learn new things. Your intelligence and talent are not fixed; they’re developed over time through perseverance, dedication, and hard work.
Calm the Chaos: Urgency leads to errors; frenzy to frustration. We focus on developing the steady working rhythm and calm mind that works best for solving complex problems.
Communication is Just as Important as Code: No one at Corgibytes identifies themselves as a “technical” or “non-technical” because everyone is both. Practice both types of skills regularly.
Craft in Context: Match your solution to the situation. Sometimes it’s a quick and dirty prototype to prove a concept. When the stakes are high, spending extra time getting it right is the best way to go.

Does that sound like you?

Awesome! We live these values every day, and they’re a guide in making decisions, no matter how small. They’ve helped us develop a culture where folks are autonomous, responsible, and work hard without feeling burned out or like they have to choose between family and work. We’re the type of company where it’s common to see a toddler bouncing on a knee during a meeting. As an intentionally distributed team, we focus more on results than micromanagement. Our core values are key to our culture, as are our pillars of autonomy, balance, diversity, and trust.
If you’re interested in this type of developer position — if you enjoy software maintenance as much as finding your way around a deprecated software solution — but aren’t sure you have deep enough technical skills, try anyway. Being a great code whisperer also means living our core values. And sometimes, it’s easiest to level-up someone’s technical skills.
Also, clients and projects change, and we’re always looking for contractors that we can add as needed in a wide array of languages, tech stacks, and tools. There might just be the right match waiting.

Ready to apply?

Start by completing our Developer Application Survey to help us match talent to the right projects. We’ll reach out to folks and interview for specific projects when they’re ready to kick off.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Corgibytes is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. We do not discriminate by race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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