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Replay Poker ( is a free-to-play online poker site whose mission is to spread the joy of poker to the world in a fair, friendly and competitive environment, without the risk of losing your shirt.
Our vision is to be the go-to place for passionate poker players to play great poker and improve their game. We will succeed by offering an exceptional poker game experience and never losing our players trust. We celebrate the world’s greatest card game, its rich history and tradition, and seek to inspire others to share in our passion.

Our core values

We’re big on our company culture, and keen on hiring like-minded people. So it’s important you share our values: 
  • We put the needs of our players and community first
  • We act with humility and treat others with respect
  • We voice our opinions, but we’re open to new ideas
  • We believe in taking ownership of ourselves and our work
  • We recognise time is precious and not to be wasted
  • We strive for excellence, but we’re not perfectionists
  • We value a positive and flexible work life

    The role

We are a small, but growing team, of highly technical and experienced developers, which means you’ll have a huge impact on the decisions and the work being done. We all work remotely, 100% of the time. We’re currently spread out across Europe and South America. 
You’ll be responsible for driving the development of our new mobile clients (iOS/Android) using React Native. 
The new clients will be integrated with existing APIs (, REST and GraphQL) with the poker game client possibly being written in native code (iOS/Android) for the best user experience.
Our stack
  • Poker lobby: Rails 4, a single page application with Backbone.js
  • Poker game server: written in Ruby
  • Poker game client: Flash – ActionScript 2.0 (in maintenance mode) and a new React/JS client in progress
  • Other technologies used: MySQL, Sidekiq, Redis, NodeJS, Go, Kubernetes and many more
You will
  • Have experience developing and shipping React Native applications
  • Have expert knowledge of JavaScript and its surrounding environment
  • Have expert knowledge of React
  • Have expert knowledge of HTML5 and modern CSS (Less/Sass)
  • Have 3+ years of JavaScript development experience
  • Have experience writing automated tests, be it BDD, TDD, etc
  • Have a good understanding of HTTP and REST-ful APIs
  • Be comfortable working with git, code review and pull requests
  • Be eager to learn and able to express your thoughts, arguments, and ideas clearly and effectively
  • Have excellent english language skills (fluent speaking)
Ideally you should

  • Have 1+ years of native mobile development experience (preferably iOS)
  • Have experience with GraphQL
  • Have contributed to open source projects
  • Have experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Have professional experience working remotely
  • Enjoy playing poker!
What we offer
  • Plenty of autonomy for you to work the way you think you’re most productive
  • A flexible process with the focus on efficiency of working with minimal bureaucracy
  • A mixture of fun and challenging projects working on a real-time game
  • Competitive salary (negotiable and depending on experience/skills)

Apply for this Position

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