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Senior Data Engineer


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At Reify Health, we are building a more creative healthcare system. We envision a world where every potential therapy, if safe and effective, is available to the patients who can benefit.
Our healthcare system relies on clinical trials to develop new, potentially life-saving treatments for patients. But clinical trials continue to be slow, unpredictable, and expensive. Reify Health’s product helps both the research leaders driving forward clinical trials and the doctors and nurses who care for the patient participants.
As we scale adoption of our product domestically and internationally, we will accelerate world-class clinical research and unlock innovation. By joining our data team, you will support the growth of an empathetic, data-driven culture at Reify and play a foundational role in designing and building a novel data architecture and intelligence features.

Your Responsibilities

  • Work with Data Engineering Lead and key stakeholders to design and develop Reify’s next-generation Kappa-style data architecture in a functional programming environment using Kafka, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL and potentially additional tooling from the AWS/Confluent Ecosystems (e.g. EKS, Athena, Confluent Operator, etc.)
  • Take responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, orchestration, and troubleshooting of our data architecture and tooling
  • Use a combination of Clojure (functional programmers welcome!), Python, and SQL to support analytics work (statistical modeling, machine learning) and develop/integrate analytics insights into our data products
  • Become intimately familiar with HIPAA, GDPR, and other applicable regulatory frameworks and how they influence our architecture and development decisions
  • Rapidly learn new tools, techniques, and languages as we scale and encounter additional data challenges
  • Frequently communicate your results to Data Engineering Lead and other technical/non-technical stakeholders in clear written, verbal, or presentation form
  • Live our data philosophy, which focuses on ethical decision making, being aware of how biased data (and assumptions) can affect results (and people), and being laser-focused on business needs
  • Work with the Data Engineering Lead to support the growth of a talented data team and incorporate the work of future data scientists into our data architecture

What Will Make You Stand Out

  • Extensive experience with DevOps, systems engineering/orchestration, and strong ability to understand and work with distributed systems
  • While this is primarily a data engineering role (70+%), the ideal candidate will also have the ability to handle analytical challenges as well (30+%)
  • Understanding the nuances of testing in distributed/probabilistic systems
  • Experience with applied statistics (particularly of the Bayesian flavor), supervised/unsupervised learning techniques
  • Masters degree or greater in a relevant field
  • Relevant published work (academic, blog posts, open-source contributions)
  • Previous experience with functional programming languages/philosophy (or existing Clojure chops!)
  • Experience in a startup environment (as a remote employee, if you’d like to work remotely)
  • Relevant experience in a healthcare/health-tech company

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive Salary and Stock Options: Compensation varies from mid-level to very senior and is commensurate with your experience.
  • Comprehensive Health and Wellness Coverage: 100% premium coverage for you (and >50% for your dependents) for: a top-tier health plan covering you in all 50 states (with option of HSA for medical expenses and as investment vehicle) dental, vision, disability (short-term and long-term), and basic term life insurance (for your entire tenure at Reify). We enable 24/7 access to doctor by phone or online via telemedicine coverage.
  • Company-provided Workstation: You have the option of getting a brand new Macbook Pro (or similar, if desired) laptop if you’d like to use a separate computer for work.
  • Location Flexibility & Transportation: For those working out of Boston, we provide: a free monthly public transportation pass (and are located 2-3 minutes from South Station); unlimited coffee, infused water, and more (provided by WeWork); flexibility to work from home as needed. For those working remotely: you can work from anywhere in the U.S. compatible with an EST work schedule. Additionally, we’ll fly remoters in for our quarterly “remoters’ week”, filled with fun activities, good food, and many opportunities to get to know your colleagues better.
We value diversity and believe the unique contributions each of us brings drives our success. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
We also completely eschew the “bro culture” sometimes found at startups.
Note: We are currently only considering US citizens or Green Card holders. Thanks!

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