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Who We Are

At Fusionetics we are moving the needle on the health of millions of people. From elite athletes to people who sit in front of computers all day our solutions help reduce pain, improve performance, and speed up injury recovery.
We are a R.O.W.E, remote-assumed product team that has built and supports web and mobile applications used by people throughout the world. (A partial client list:http://fusionetics.com/about )
This is a great growth opportunity for someone early in a promising career to work with a highly-focused team.

Who You Are

We are looking for a mystery-solver, fast-learner, passionate worker, and reliable teammate to help us with our technical support. This person would also help us build out our product offering when support is quiet (which is often).
  • You are not intimidated by trying to fix something that you don’t much about. You take things apart and know how to put them back together (sometimes).
  • Strong dislike for fixing the same thing twice.
  • Enjoy building things and can work across the “full” stack (we have developers do front/mid/back on features).
  • Can write clearly and communicate aggressively.
Technical Competencies

  • We use C#, ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI, javascript (angular), SQL Server, MongoDB, AWS, PhoneGap, SASS.
  • This list will grow/change/shrink over time, so the ability to learn things quickly and competently matters more than the specific acronyms listed above.

Extra Credit Bonus Round

  • Previous remote work experience.
  • HIPAA experience.
Next Steps
After you apply we will have you fill out some online q+a, talk to us on the phone, and then talk to a larger group. We won’t have you try to write code on some online whiteboard as we insult you, but will expect you to show us your chops in a way that best demonstrates your strengths.
As part of the overall hiring process you will:
  • Talk to the person you will report to and the team you will work with.
  • Find out more information about our company goals, culture, and processes.
  • Be provided a more detailed job description and explanation of the role and expectations. 
  • See a week’s worth of real tasks this job would have performed and a planned projects list of new things you will build.

Apply for this Position

If you can see yourself in this remote role and feel you can add to the ongoing success of In Marketing We Trust, then apply via sptJobs@fusionetics.com