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Who are Tyk?
We are a funded, early stage startup founded in 2015 based out of London. We have many thousands of users of our B2B platform across the globe, our mission: to connect every system in the world.
The Challenge
Tyk is used by both extremely technical power-users and non-technical administrator end-users, this creates a unique challenge to our user experience development: we need to create a smooth user experience in our command line, our API design, our documentation, our engagement and our user interfaces.
What can you do with us?
We are looking for a senior User Experience Architect to work as part of our interdisciplinary Product Leadership Team, alongside Technical Architect, Research and Project Leads. 
Our product is complex and has complex use-cases that go well beyond the traditional UX challenge, and we believe it requires a team consisting of UX, Technical, Ops and Research experts in order to fully develop and iterate our product strategy. Not only will you help create Tyk, but also build the UX capability within Tyk, develop our UX strategy and influence product direction.
In Detail:
This role is both analytic and creative. you must analyze and interpret our user behavior. The role spans:
  • Analyzing consumer usability of our key products (Dashboard, CLI, API, Ara)
  • Developing clear and usable developer-focussed experiences in command line and tooling design
  • Developing information architecture (For websites and UIs)
  • Creating an interaction designs (to help guide our design team)
  • Building design interfaces (prototypes and PoCs)

The User Experience Architect’s job is to responsibly test the architecture of our products. Our products are clearly targeted at technical experts and tend to focus on developer interfaces such as the command line, API design and API documentation. 
You will be taking new ideas from concept to launch and conceptualizing, designing and beta testing software interactions across all forms of interfaces, with GUIs being a small component.
This role will sit in the product leadership team alongside a Technical Architect, Senior Project Manager and Research Analyst to help decide the product roadmap for future iterations of Tyk software and will work closely with this team to execute the company vision.
The UX Architect will also help define the tooling, strategy and approach for how we do UX, DevEx and anyEx at Tyk – introducing design thinking to the wider stakeholder group.
This role will also be the capability lead for User Experience within Tyk, mentoring and training juniors.
Essential Skills:
  • A firm understanding of user-centered design principles and user research methodologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Is a Full-stack designer: can assist with all dimensions of design – research, usability evaluation, information architecture, wireframes, visual, CSS and HTML. Is NOT required to be an expert, but must be able to meaningfully contribute.
  • Will have technical experience with a back-end language, they must understand how developers interact with products and the challenges that brings
  • Experience working independently with stakeholders and designing enterprise applications
  • Experience executing user-centered design methodologies by leading product design decisions from research through implementation
  • Experience working in design and prototyping software tools such as Axure, InVision or Sketch
  • Experience with user research methodologies and ability to train others
  • Must have some programming knowledge beyond the front end, experience in DevEx is a must
  • Have the ability to mentor, coach and guide other UX designers 
  • Can work with cross-functional teams and pair with everyone
  • Have empathy, proven creative problem-solving, are comfortable with uncertainty, and pair well with team members
  • Exhibit curiosity and a wish for learning 
  • Have 3+ years professional experience in an UX architect or UX design role
  • Have at minimum a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline (HCI, Psychology, Fine Arts)
  • A minimum 3 years experience in at least one of the 3 design pillars: user research, interaction design or visual design 
Our Mission
The internet started by connecting mainframes, by the end of the 20th century 600m desktop and laptop computers exchanged email and web-traffic.
Today around 15 billion ‘things’ are connected to the internet, growing at a rate of a billion per year.
Tyk are committed to enabling interconnectivity between systems and between devices. We’ve started by building an API Management platform.
Our early stage team members will shape our business, there is an attractive package based on experience and performance that includes equity. Everyone has unlimited holiday.
You will work with a talented, and passionate team of industry experts, who are developing a cutting-edge product that is driving change and innovation within startups and household names alike.
We’re a distributed team. Work from our London office during induction, once you are up to speed, you can work from home, a cafe, your mums house, wherever you get your best work done, we’ll support you in making that happen.
The best software and hardware available – we are prime movers in “The New Stack”, our setup reflects that.
We are growing rapidly and are looking for team members keen to grab hold, accelerate that further and shape our future.

Apply for this Position

If you can see yourself in this remote role and feel you can add to the ongoing success of In Marketing We Trust, then apply via https://tyk.io/about/team/