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DEVEXI is looking for a part-time Epidemiologist to join our team.  This job will be Remote/Virtual (work from any US location).
DEVEXI is an early stage healthcare analytics company building a powerful longitudinal health research platform for generating sophisticated epidemiological studies in minutes – rather than months or even years – saving considerable time and costs.  Initially, the cloud-based integrated database will consist of 22+ years of HIPAA-compliant medical and dental data to enable researchers to connect the dots between diagnoses, treatments, prescribed drugs and vaccines, environmental exposures and short and long-term health outcomes – for groundbreaking, longitudinal studies never before possible.
The DEVEXI platform will be made available health and medical researchers at universities, medical schools, teaching hospitals, insurance payers federal and state health agencies and pharmaceutical companies to help improve quality of healthcare delivery, identify best practices and increase successful, cost-effective outcomes.
Position Description
The purpose of this key role is to act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for our company and to provide assistance to researchers/epidemiologists at health organizations to generate groundbreaking health and medical research.
In the role, this person must be able to help DEVEXI customers develop studies, and work with DEVEXI’s development team to provide input to define product features and functionality for future releases.

Skills Required

  • Advanced Degree (PhD or MD) in Epidemiology, Public Health, Infectious Diseases, or a related field
  • At least one published paper in a major journal
  • Experience with data-centric studies, using SAS, R, SQL, or similar.
  • Experience with big data and healthcare data analytics.
  • Provide input into developing future features & functions of DEVEXI
  • Describe requirements for development team
  • Validate output of feature functionality
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Describe epidemiological and statistical concepts to an audience who may not have a mathematical background
  • Able to articulate terms to non-scientific audiences
  • Participate in the refinement of technical whitepapers for epidemiologists and health researchers 
  • Extra credit for experience working with health data including and medical and dental claims coding
  • Benefits

  • Involvement in big data health analytics 
  • Enable groundbreaking longitudinal health and medical research
  • Part-time remote work (1099 contract)
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • No travel required
  • Work with a quality team of professionals

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